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About this site

This site is Undyinglands.org.
Undyinglands.org is very much personal site of Anssi Salakka

Why Undyinglands.org?
I have been big fan of J.R.R. Tolkien since, late '70s. In '90s I had BBS called Undying Lands BBS. When people started to move from BBS's to Internet, I closed my BBS with an idea of creating WebBBS to continue from where Undying Lands BBS ended. No progress there, except, I found SynchronetBBS, which could work for my needs. I have installed, but not configured yet.

Since when?
I created my first personal site in February/March 1996. My own domain I registered when I got my ADSL line November 2000, but due to some problems with my ISP, it was not until May 2001, before you could actually contact undyinglands.org.

Well, why not, everyone else has their own sites, and their own domain. This site also serves as sandbox for my own experimentation, of course I could do that just in home, but it is much more fun to do it in public. :)

I use only validated xhtml/strict css2. I don't see any need for javascript at the moment, since most of the tricks, I used it, can also be done with css2. And for more complicated things you need server side scripting and probably SQL database anyway.

Since I am programmer, I prefer to write all HTML by myself. So I use mainly Emacs, or some other text-editors. Since I bought my first Mac, I have switched almost complete to iPhoto, it has all the editing options, that I really need. My photo galleries are now on The Gallery, since it has rest of options I need, like watermarks, and automatic resize. Small changes/updates I do directly from FreeBSD.

Currently just Apache, MySQL, PHP namely Wordpress. I am currently experimenting with Drupal6. And I would like to use Wicket/Spring/Hibernate combo on one of my personal projects. Server has been running FreeBSD X-stable since the beginning, and will remain so.

Fujitsu-Siemens Athlon 64-bit Laptop, with 2 gigabytes of memory, 128 gb ssd for operating system and data, 2x200 gb USB2 harddrives for backups.

ADSL 8192/3072 kbps from Nebula.

Do you webhost?
I might. Some of my friends already has website and photo galleries on my server. If I know you in person as well, you only need to ask. If I don't know, you have tell me why I would like to webhost you. E-mail to postita at undyinglands dot org.

Inspiration and rhytm for coding:
Snooker from media computer.
"Ei käkikään kiekumatta kuki..."