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Lauantaitanssit klubi soittolista 6.12.2000:

Codicil: Teollisuutta ja tunnelmointia klo 19.55 ->

En nihil: Final bliss (edit)
Nymph Faithest: Crimson Filth
Mental Destruction: This darker entity
Dead Can Dance: Mother Tongue
Brighter Death Now: Meat processing
Cazzodio: Kale Barroka
Militia: Ni dieu, Ni maŒtre
C1709h80: Metatron
Mz412: Necrotic Birth
Ex. Order: Test area L.A
Blink Twice: Human
Holocaust Theory: As death approaches

anssi: Tunnelmointia & muuta 20.50 ->

Das ich: Dorn
Sopor aeternus: The house is empty now
Hagalaz runedance: On the wings of rapture
Miranda sex garden: Ever and ever
This ascension: Fuego cayendo
Hawkwind: Sadness runs deep
Depeche mode: Blasphemous rumours **
Neverwood: Apart
Switchblade symphony: Therapy
Jack off Jill: Girlscout ("sunday mix")
Skinny puppy: Testure **
Obsc(y)re: To late
Wolsheim: I don't love you anymore **
Eco: Schmutz (radio mix)

Marja (Schatten): Goottia 21.40 ->

Midnight configuration: Dancefloor poison
Sanguis & Cinis: Immaculata
Sepulcrum mentis: Headless chicken dance
Christian death: Face
Also: Cold room
Project pitchfork: Carnival (Covenant remix)
Das ich: Dem ich den traum (L'ame remix)
Diva destruction: The broken ones
Will: Father forgive
Elesde: Im klinischen sinne
Rammstein: Das modell

anssi: ekan setin jämät 22.35 ->

Catastrophe ballet: Love is death & death is the only love
Rasputina: Things I'm gonna do
Wilma: Tee mitä vaan

Codicil: Agressiivisempaa 22.45 ->

P.A.L: Metrum v1.2
Wumpscut: Concrete rage
Velvet Acid Christ: Mindphlux (trip zone mix)
Flesh field: Compulsive betrayal
Leatherstrip: Prying eyes
Apoptygma Berzerk: Electronic warfare
Funkervogt: Time of Dreams
Synapscape: I know you know
Painstation: Slaughterhouse [slut] (remix by assemblage23)
ec80r: Cash in your subversive idyll
Winterkälte: Slash-and-burn
Converter: Shock Front
Suicide commando: Love breeds suicide

anssi: Tanssikamaa & täytettä 23.40 - 1.33

The sisters of mercy: Ribbons **
Soft cell: Sex dwarf **
The gathering: Liberty bell **
No big silence: On the hunt
Nine inch nails: Closer to god **
Apoptygma berzerk: Burnin' heretics (live) **
Cubanate: Hinterland
Suicide commando: Hellraiser (psychopath 01-version)
Theatre of tragedy: Image
Apollo four forty: Lost in space (theme)
Unit 187: Looking at the love load (I need nobody but me) **
Rammstein: Heirate mich (edit) **
Funkervogt: Cold war
Frontline assembly: Circuitry (alien mix) **
Pain: End of the line **
Girls under glass: Virtual world
Paradise lost: One second
Das ich: Destillat
S.P.O.C.K.: White christmas **
Covenant: One world one sky
Dance or die: Relationshit
Siechtum: Gesellschaft:mord
P.A.L.: Bang your box
Imminent starvation: Tentack one
Moby: New dawn fades

** = toivekappale/esittäjä